Southern Pacific 1218
Cab Interior

In 1984, the 1218 was converted to radio control operation.  The locomotive could then be operated by one person, standing on the ground or on an end step.  The RC could control all required electrical functions as well as the bell, front and rear sanders and the engine brake.  The system was housed in 2 large boxes, mounted in the cab.  The box near the brake wheel contained the radio receiver (72.48 mhz) as well as the relays needed to control the locomotive electrical system.  The box between the front windows has all of the air controls in it.  The air lines exiting the box were connected into the brake stand.  The relevant lines there were cut and had tees soldered into them.  There is a mile of wire in the system which created quite a rats nest in the back of the control stand.  Provision was made to cut out the RC for operation from the cab but by the looks of things, this was rarely if ever done.  Oh yes, and then there are the mud dauber wasps nest in the electrical system.

The following are random views of the cab interior as we found it in June of 2005.  Foster Farms did little to the cab other than removing the fireman's seat and installing the radio control equipment.  Even with a couple of broken windows, a lot of dirt and spider webs, it has aged rather gracefully.

A little work on the insturments.

Al The Welder at work with a TIG torch filling unwanted holes in the front cab wall.

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