Southern Pacific 1218

Hood & Roof

As built, the 1218 had a pair of train number boxes mounted at 45 degree angles just ahead of the cab.  They were removed by Foster farms and discarded.  In addition, the 3/8" steel bracket upon which they were mounted was removed.  Luckily, we had a set of the boxes which were removed from our NW2 1423.  A new bracket was fabricated by Albany Steel and welded to the hood in the old location (which was identifed by the old weld) by our expert welder, Al Bayer.  Other mounting brackets, electrical connections and box restoration were also undertaken.

At some point after the Foster Farms quit using the 1218, the bell was stolen.  The thief simply torched the bell bracket and removed the section upon which the bell mounted.  A replacement bracket was fabricated and Al welded it in place.  A genuine Alco brass bell will be mounted.  Naturally, security precautions will be installed.

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