Southern Pacific 1218

Turbosupercharger Aftercooler Cleaning

The air coming from the turbocharger can get quite hot and must be cooled before it enters the cylinders.  This is done by forcing the air to pass around and through a sort of radiator that has engine cooling water inside it.  The cooler is located inside a chamber in the block, under the intake air passages to the heads.    When we had the heads off, we noticed what looked like greasy lumps beneath 3 of the intake passages.  These greasy lumps revealed themselves to be areas on the aftercooler that should look like radiator fins.  This crud on the cooler came from the turbocharger which we previously rebuilt.  In order to correct the problem, the aftercooler needed to be removed and cleaned.   We had to remove 3 doors and cut out 2 door posts so there would be room to pull the oil filters and the cooler.

Once everything was out of the way, we removed the cooler cover .

And then carefully removed the cooler which turned out to be quite heavy, both from its construction and the greasy crap clogging its vanes.

Jon, Rich and Gerry loaded it onto a pallet and then into the back of Rich's truck for a trip to a radiator repair shop for a good cleaning.  Gerry applied his considerable cleaning skills to the greasy crud in the inlet air passage vacated by the cooler.

Once back from the cleaners, the cooler looked significantly different.  We got busy putting it back into the block, reinstalling the oil filter housings, making all the connections and filling the engine with water.

Now that this job is done, the door posts were welded back into place and then we intend to start running the locomotive with some cars in order to test it and break in the engine.  If all goes well, the next job will be painting.

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